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Total Control Swine Systems

Total Control Swine Systems!   Many years in actual use has proven the system has no equal
This product  is a combination of building design, equipment design, proprietary heat control system, proprietary air movement system and full featured training program to produce a perfectly  controlled environment.  This system maximizes swine comfort and feed conversion from gestation to shipping. The systems will be sold to individual  farmers who desire maximum profits at least costs per pound of gain.

spriggs_pigs.jpg (63158 bytes)


Click picture to see a larger picture of the Difference!
The hogs to the immediate left have been housed in the usual American hog system design. This unfortunately is very typical of the average 1,000 head controlled environment system. It doesn't look like there is much control! 

HOG1.JPG (61600 bytes)

Total Control

The CLEAN hogs to the left are in the "Total Control System". This clean condition indicates these 1,250  hogs are living in a perfect environment. click picture for larger picture.
Their condition means they are comfortable and their temperature, air flow, space, feed and water are perfectly in tune with the hogs requirement. The TCS system maintains this perfect environment automatically 24 hours per day!. It may be hard to believe BUT the hogs to the left have lived, ate, drank and defecated in the same pen for 70 days, pens have not been shoveled, swept or washed because this system is automatically cleaned without water or mechanical means.
Growers report "the work load is dramatically less in the TCS system.
This technology has been in continuous test operation on several farms in the Midwestern part of the USA. According to the owners of the system they would not take anything for it! The existing systems are primarily "environment controlled swine systems". This system can be suited for any use where controlled environment of any type of livestock is needed.

See more on this technology


Finishing 40 to 250 pounds it only takes "2.5" pounds of feed to produce "1" pound of pork. This means you can always predict your profitability!  "2.7" pounds if farrow to finish. 
According to the satisfied users they know of nothing on the market that even comes close to producing this many benefits in one system!
1 The systems operate without odor, flies, rodents,  without added heat or compressed air-conditioning.  (Isolated heat on baby pigs in farrowing and nursery)
2 The system produces phenomenal feed conversions for finishing hogs going in at 40 pounds and shipped at 225 pounds; a constant 2.7 pounds of feed for every pound of weight gain in all climates. (farrow to finish)
3 Death loss is dramatically less due to lack of stress and controlled environment.
4 Users say "they always have profits" in all markets when their neighbors have had losses. 
5 It has also been said if a TCSS finishing system with 1000 hogs weighing 230 pounds each, were hidden in downtown Dallas your nose wouldn't help you find it! 
Business people in suits have spent an hour in the system then had lunch in the best restaurant in town and "nobody" knew they had been confined with 1,000 hogs weighing over 200 pounds each.
MARKET PROTECTION:  Patent process is expected to yield several utility patents.
MARKET: There is data to show that 10 billion dollars in systems could be sold through the existing independent USA national dealer network by the second year. The wholesale profit margin is 18% to the dealers. 
INVENTOR ASSISTANCE: The inventor is available to provide ongoing technical expertise, engineering and working assistance which include marketing and sales expertise.  Additionally the original developers have produced several updates that have kept this technology 20 years ahead of its time.
MANUFACTURING: Galvanized steel, sheet metal. In competitor swine houses even galvanized metal only last one or two years. In the TTC system our metal parts last 8 times longer because we have removed any corrosive gases from the building.

Agricultural/equipment dealers worldwide.  Possible franchise opportunities exist due to the unique methods of marketing and sales techniques.

Video tapes are available from customers that have extensive experience with this system on their farms.

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To contact us about this product click this email link ron@newproductsource.org